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For Kumon Parents
Center Attendance Policies
We have strict policies of behavior to help all students enjoy and benefit from the Kumon experience. Important common sense requirements are:-
  • Commitment demonstrated by parents and students is a prerequisite for enrollment into the program
  • 100% attendance and homework completion are the keys to success in the program
  • Students are expected to attend class regularly. 
  • Students spending time in class with our staff allows us to assess their progress, guide them in understanding new concepts, motivate them towards self-learning as well as prepare appropriate homework for them.
  • Students should follow class procedures
  • No food or drink is allowed during class hours.
  • Students need to complete their work independently in a quiet and nurturing environment.
  • Parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners may wait quietly in the waiting area All other parents should drop and pick up students at the center door.
  • Any student disrupting class will be given a chance to work at a different table.  If disruptive behavior continues he/she will be asked to leave.
Tuition Fees
Kumon families have generally be great about getting tuition payments in on time, and so we don't often have to talk about the late payment policy.
FYI, the policy is:-

  • The monthly tuition fee is $150 per subject. There is a one time registration fee of $50. We offer a $10 sibling discount.
  • Tuition is due on or before the first of the month.
  • A $10 late fee will apply if tuition is not received before or on the 7th day of the month that payment is due.
  • A $25 service fee will apply if a check is returned.
  • Paid tuition is non-refundable and is forfeited should a student discontinue enrollment or if work is taken at any time during the month A 30-day written notice is required before leaving the program.
  • In cases of medical or other emergencies where a 30 day notice is impossible to give, please call us and we will do what we can to accommodate your situation.
  • Tuition is pro-rated for the first month only according to the day of the month enrolled.
  • Full tuition is charged for subsequent months until 30 days written notice is given to terminate enrollment.
A student who, for whatever reason, does not pay tuition or take any Kumon Materials in a given month for a particular subject is considered absent for that month for that subject. Student will be allowed a periord of absence not to exceed one month per calendar yaer per subject.

Termination Policy
If a student is going to drop out of a class, either temporarily or indefinitely for some reason, please fill out a discontinuation form at end of previous month (For example, a discontinuation from is required by end of February if you wish to discontinue by end of March). 

Full tuition is charged for all subsequent months until 30 days written notice is given to terminate enrollment. Paid tuition is non-refundable and is forfeited should a student discontinue enrollment.  In cases of medical or other emergencies where a 30 day notice is impossible to give, please call us and we will do what we can to accommodate your situation.

Kumon Centers are not day-care centers. They cannot provide child care services. Parents and guardians are advised that each child's study session varies in length according to the time it takes to complete the day's assignment. If, in the parent's or guardian's determination, a child is not old enough to go to and from the Center on his/her own, the parent/guardian is responsible for assuring the child's arrival and departure. The Kumon Center is not responsible for ensuring that any child stays on the premises. The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to other persons and the parent agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Kumon North America, Inc. and its Instructors. The Instructor is not liable for any Kumon student outside the Center facility before or after the student leaves the Center.
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Visit the Kumon+ Club Web Page
Design to make learning fun, the North America Kumon+ Club allows students to collect points that that they can redeemed for prizes based on their progress in the Kumon Reading and Math Programs. The program encourages students to reach Kumon learning milestones by rewarding them with Kumon+ Club Points as they excel in their Kumon studies. Especially popular among younger Kumon students, they become automatic members when they enroll in Kumon. Every student enrolled in a Kumon Math, Reading program is automatically a member. Click Kumon+ for more information.

Center Closures

Center closings are announced well in advance.  We use all of the venues available to us to inform you of any schedule changes.  Center closures are announced in the paper newsletter that is sent home each month, verbally when your child checks in and out  of class the week before a closing, and on the website . The Center follows the usual San Ramon Public School holiday schedule for closing, but not exactly.  Please check here, the newsletter or with Center staff for information on specific dates that we will be closed.

Student Summer Vacation Forms
I also want to remind students and parents to let us know if you will be away from your Kumon classes for vacation this summer. A form can be obtained at the office to let us know in advance the exact days you will be away. Please read it carefully and return it to the office so we can supply you with the necessary workbooks while you are away.

Achievement Test Awards
Passing an Achievement Test at the end of a level is the highest achievement a KUMON student can attain.  Passing an Achievement Test indicates that a student has achieved mastery of the concepts in that level and has the skills necessary to handle the work in the next level.  Each student who passes an Achievement Test receives an Achievement Test certificate, an Achievement Test summary.

Please be sure to read the Achievement Test summary that will come home along with the Achievement Test certificate.  This includes the student's score on the Achievement Test, a brief overview of the goals of the next level, and a projection date for completion of the next level, based on the number of pages a student will do each day.

Incomplete Homework
Everyone has a crazy day from time to time where the schedule goes out the window.  This happens to KUMON students, too.  However, we are very strict about homework completion.  We expect our students to come to class with all of their KUMON homework 100% complete.

If you know that your child will not be able to make it to class, please call us so that we can leave your students class work and homework in the mailbox before the center closes that day.  You are also welcome to stop in during Center hours to pick up the work for your child. If a student misses a regularly-scheduled class without contacting us in advance, the work for that class is forfeited and will be reassigned for the next class. 

Completed and corrected assignments are used to develop and modify each student's individualized lesson plan.  For this reason, new assignments will not be given after the 2nd subsequent unexcused absence until the previously assigned work is returned.

Please be sure to notify us at least one class session in advance of any extended vacation in order to give us ample time to plan and organize for your child's absence.  Thanks!  

Student Incentives
As strict as we are about homework completion, we are equally committed to rewarding students for their dedication and effort.
Students who achieve Advanced Student Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 Years status will be awarded the achievement trophies in the month of September.
Students are awarded Kumon dollars at the end of each month for all of their homework completed. 
Up to first grade students also can choose a prize from their prize box with 20 Kumon dollars after they finish their class work.

Corrections and Home Grading
The active supervision of daily assignments at home is linked to each child's success in the KUMON program.  It is crucial that parents provide a 15-20 minute block of time per subject for the completion and correction of daily KUMON assignments. It is the job of the parents to insure that assignments are named, dated and timed, that errors are marked, and that mistakes are corrected by the student before beginning new work.

All parents of students whom study up to level C are expected to home grade their child's KUMON homework.  Students whose parents' home grade make faster, smoother progress through the KUMON program because: your child corrects their mistakes daily, thus learning from their mistakes and making fewer mistakes overall your child repeats less your child is more motivated because you are involved you are more motivated because you know exactly what your child is doing A basic tenet of the KUMON Method is that students learn from their mistakes.  KUMON students are required to correct every mistake on every set they complete.  Students whose parents do not home grade spend a great deal of time in class correcting mistakes from old homework before they can begin the days' class work.  This often leads to an extended stay at the center.  Students are also required to correct all mistakes on their daily class work, as well.   We provide Answer Books to help you get started if you are not already home grading.